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The Sport of Baseball in the Bahamas is Experiencing a great up surge in the

amount of baseball players that are playing and played professional baseball 29 in

all since 2005; and 2 between 1997 and 1999.

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Preserving the Rich History of Baseball in the Bahamas

Reshard Munroe, Quinton Rolle, International signing in 2015 with Reds, Dale Davis Jr aslo signed with the Rangers in 2015 & Dario Saunders All internations signed out of the Bahamas, 3 by the Reds, & 1 by Rangers, these was the start of influx of players being scouted out of the Bahamas. Ali Knowles also signed to play Independent Baseball in the Peco League.
Larry Alcime Jr, Freedom Farm Baseball League President Greg Burrows Sr, Todd Isaacs, Lucius Fox Jr & Jasrado Chisholm along with Kyle Simmons top photo were apart of the second group of player o sign from the soiled,except Todd who was drated by the Indian earlier the year in the June 2015 MLB draft. Todd also drafted by the Blue Jays in the 2014 draft also.
D’Shawn Knowles, Dominic Collie, Kristian Robinson, Trent Deveaux, Davon Mackey & Shameko Smith whom was drafted by the Rockies in the June 2017 draft. Six Bahamian player was signed to the minor leagues of baseball in 2017, 5 international, and 1 in the MLB June 2017 draft.
Chavez Young, Byron Murray, Byron Ferguson, & Brandon Murray,Chavez is the only one of our players to won a championship this season, with the Vancouver Canadians. Byron Murray had a season plaged with injuries. and Byron Ferguson saw action in the Thoroughbred League with the Stallions, the also Brandon Murray who had a good first season in professional baseball playing in the Frontier League, with Lake Erie Crushers.
Rockies 2017 June MLB drafted player Shameko Smith, 2011 June draftee Sean Albury, & late 2016 international signee Tahnaj Thomas, Albury’s had a career ending Rottor Cup surgery in 2012, Sean was throwing the ball in the mid 94 to 95 mph. Thomas also throws the baseball at 96mph, & Shameko got a few good innings this 2017 late in the season.
Jervis Champ Stuart Jr & Anfernee Seymour were two differnt treats in their leagues, Champ on the bases, win his league with 36 stolen bases, & Anfernee with his second 100 plus hits season,weare looking for big thing in their 2018 season.