Bertram Murray Sr.
A Fearless Competitor If I were to compare Bertie Murray Sr in his prime to a modern day pitcher you would think of Max Scherzer a conventional athlete, you would thing of because of his ability to hit his spots and he always kept the ball low in the zone. Bertie was not afraid to come up and with some chin music to keep you off the plate, or down and in to disrupt your rhythm and timing in the batter box. Baseball Bahamas salute Bertrum Murray Sr on his awesome baseball career, along with his son and three grand sons whom all played college baseball in the U.S.A.
Five Times Pitcher of the Year Bertrum Murray Sr. won the pitcher of the year award five time in his career, with the first coming in 1965 and then again in 1966 back to back followed by 1968, 1971 and the last one in 1978. He was the league M.V.P also in 1971 with a 9 win 3 lost record. He won most strike out in 1968 with 84 and then again in 1970 with 48.he leaded the league with most wins in 1971 with 9 and in 1978 with 14. These are the stats of records, we may find more stats on the great baseball career of Bertrum Murray Sr. Bertie Murray Sr. also played on many of the Bahamas National teams, mostly at the National Baseball Congress tournaments in Wichita, Kansas in the early to late 1960s, where he got to pitcher against many big league MLB players. At home he was a feared pitcher on the mound, dueling with in some of the big games in the league, their ace pitchers vs Bertie Murray. Fans came out to watch him pitch whenever he was on the mound. It was a pleasure to watch Bertrum Murray Sr throw the baseball with velocity along with the secondary pitches he had. Bertrum Murray Sr. a Bahamian Baseball Legend.
Bertie Murray Sr
A Bahamian Baseball Player Bertram “Bertie” Murray Sr was born on December 16th 1941. Bertie Sr was one of the most feared Pitchers in the game of Baseball in the Bahamas. winning that award Five times. Bertie Legacy continued on through the play of his son Bertie Murray Jr National Team Coach and Manager, his Grand Sons Brandon, Byron and Bertram III. Bertie Murray Jr held his own during his days in Baseball; but it is Bertie Sr Grandsons who who had the spotlight in 2012 with Brandon playing D1 Baseball for the College of Charleston, South Carolina who came up with an ESPN top Ten Plays. Byron Murray who played High School Baseball in Florida at Trinity Christian Academy School before he was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in the 25th round. He played 4 seasons, but with some injuries he was released and is now playing college baseball at Lynn University. And Betrum III is playing Division 1 college baseball at Florida Atlantic University.
Bertie Murray Sr
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