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Lorenzo Donnie Lockhart
A Fearless Competitor If I were to compare Lorenzo Lockhart in his prime to a modern day, conventional athlete, he would be a Miguel Cabrera & Mike Trout with the bat. Lockhart was a very great hitter and he did it well and mostly for average by winning 7 batting championships & 5 homer run crowns, so he also hit for power. Between Lorenzo and his younger brother Richard Dick Lockhart, they won 8 batting titles between both of them. Lockhart also won the batting champion 4 years in a row, 1966, 1967, 1968, & 1969.
7 Times Batting Champion Lorenzo was one of the feared hitter in the game of baseball in the Bahamas. winning the batting tile in 1960 again in 1966 to 1969, followed by 1974, 1978. He also won the Home Run Crown Five times, and M.V.P Twice. In 1979 he was selected to the Bahamas Pan American games baseball team, that played in The 1979 Pan American Games were held from July 2 through July 11, 1979 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Bahamas team finished the tournament 3 & 5 for a fifth place finish. The team was manage by Wenty Ford.
Lorenzo Lockhart
A Bahamian Baseball Player Lorenzo “Donnie” Lockhar was born on April 8th 1942 Captian Blood they called him and when you played against him you knew you were in for long night. Lorenzo love playing the game of baseball and it showed in his career stats. most players in the BBA wanted to be like Captain Blood but none more than his son Kevin Lockhart who was also very good baseball player in his own rights. But back in the 60s Lorenzo played with his younger Brother Richard “Dick” Lockhart who also won the batting average in 1964 for Bahamian Lumber which he sharded with Adrian between 1960 and 1970 the Lockharts won five out of ten batting crowns. One of Lorenzo Lockhart’s Memorable monents in the game of baseball for him was winning the M.V.P honors in the Bahamas Independent Baseball in 1973, it was special to him because most of the guys who play professional Baseball came home to play in that game so it was good to show he was still the M.V.P . Lorenzo “Dooney” Lockhart A Bahamian Baseball Legent & a Bahamian Baseball Hall of Famer.
Lorenzo Lockhart


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