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Rooservelt Dog Turner
The Gray Hound
Speed on the Base Path.
The Gray Hound Roosevelt “Ba Dog” Turner one of the fastest Bahamian to play the game of baseball in the Bahamas. Turner won the stolen base crown in 1972 with 48.1973 with 40,1974 and again in 1977 with 30. He also won the run scoring tile five years in a row & a total of six times, with 50 in 1972, 37 in 1973, 36 in 1974,55 in 1975,53 in 1976, and again 54 in 1978. he also won the 1975 M.V.P Award. And finally Turner was named to the Bahamas Hall Of Fame in the 2016 class of Bahamian Athletes.
Roosevelt “Dog” Turner
The fleet-footed base stealer known as by many names has lead the B.B.A in stolen bases and runs scored for many seasons. A product of Our Lady’s Catholic Church School Yard, he played one year in Junior League and many years as a Senior Leaguer It was interrupted for two years during which time he played “A” Baseball for the Cleveland Indians Farm System before returning home to finish his baseball career playing locally in the Bahamas Baseball Association; he represented the Bahamas at three National Baseball Congress Tournaments in Wichita Kansas, in the local league as a lead off hitter Turner had the power leave the yard or drop a bunt with the speed and power he had.
Speed and Power, Ba Dog Turner Process it all as a Lead Off Batter


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