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Preserving the Rich History of Baseball in the Bahamas
Frankie Sweeting Sr
A Fearless Competitor Frankie remain apart of baseball after many walk away, in 1994 when the Nassau Baseball Assciation was form to fill the void that was left the Bahamas Baseball Association from 1987. Sweeting was the Manager of the Bottons Formal Wear Team which won the leagues first three Pennants & Championships. in 1994,1995 & 1996, after the team split he would become a coach of the Dudley’s Panthers a team sponsored by his son Teddy Sweeting. where he went on to lead that team to a triple crown win that year of 2003. Frankie was a team leader and manage his teams well though he is not actively coaching now mainly because the senior league has been stop because there is no facilities to play senior league baseball, but he remians a big supporter of the Bahamas Baseball Federation and all the leagues that comes under the Bahamas Baseball Federation. .
Winner of Three Games in a N.B.C Tournament FRANKIE SWEETING SR. In 1969 the Bahamas had their best-ever showing on foreign soil winning three games and placing seventh among the power-house of Amateur United States Teams, Frankie “Cinderella” Sweeting was the hero of the series winning three games and placing himself forever in National Baseball Congress record books. He was name pitcher of the year in 1963 with a 6-2 win/lost recordwith I-Need-A-Laundry Baseball Team and again in 1977 with a 12-4 win/lost record with Paradise Island Baseball Team. He Lead the Local League with wins three years in a row all with Paradise Island Baseball Team 1975 19-6 win/lost,tied with Kirk Smith, 1976 12-6 win/lost and in 1977 12-4 win/lost record. Sweeting also had the most win in 1963 with a 6-2 win/lost record that year he the lead league in strike outs with 73 strike outs. .
Frankie Sweeting Sr
A Bahamian Baseball Player Born in August 19th 1942 Frankie Sweeting love the game of Baseball and it showed during his local baseball days and it is still showing to this day not only that his sons play local and college baseball, Teddy & Felilpe Sweeting, Frankie Jr also played locally too. But Mr. Sweeting grand sons are the cream of the crop in their age group and growing. Edwin “EJ” McPhee just finish his college baseball days in 2009 with Southeastern University Fires with a good baseball showing. and then their is Trea Sweeting Teddy Jr now playing high school baseball in North Carolina for christ school hitting .609 in 2010 earing him the Bahamas Baseball Federation High School Player of the year and trea was also named 2009 Andre Rodgers Bahamas National Baseball Championships M.V.P, and this year the youngest of his grand sons Myron Johnson was name the 2010 Babe Ruth/Cal Ripkin World Series 60 12& under M.V.P a first for the Bahamas. Frankie Sweeting Sr. Baseball Legacy still lives on.