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Antoan Richardson
Preserving the Rich History of Baseball in the Bahamas
Antoan’s Minor & Major League Stats Antoan’s Minor & Major League Stats
The Bahamas Baseball History continues with the Giants
The First MLB coach from the Islands of the Bahamas Antoan Richardson
Antoan Richardson, A Braves and A Yankees. And now the first baseball coach of the San Francisco Giants.
Antoan Richardson made Bahamian baseball history by becoming the first players from the Islands of the Bahamas t become a coach in the Major Leagues of Baseball with the San Francisco Giants. Richardson, who was drafted by the Giants in the 35th round of the 2005 MLB draft. He also played major league baseball. First with the Atlanta Braves in 2011, and in 2014 with the New York Yankees, and scoring the winning run on a walk-off hit by Derek Jeter in his final career baseball game. Richardson was hired by the Giants last year 2019 as a minor league outfield coordinator and in the absence of the Giant's first base coach last year. Antoan got a chance to fill in and coached a Giants game in 2019. And in 2020, he became the Giant's first base coach. So Andre Rodgers became the first to play major league baseball with the Giants, and Antoan Richardson became the first to coach major league baseball also with the Giants. Two very friendly personalities from the Bahamas. And so you now have baseball fans in the Island of the Bahamas staying up late to watch Giants game to get a glimpse of the first base the coach, who, by the way, has to wear a mask to cover his face because of the Covid-19 protocol for coaches and managers. Photo of Antoan Richardson and Los Angeles Angels #9 top prospect D'Shawn Knowles, who is also from the Bahamas.
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