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Edison Ed Armbrister

The 1975 World Series Cincinati Reds & Boston Red Sox

This Call is rated one of the worst blown calls in Baseball

Armbrister's bunt bounded high in the dirt in front of home plate. Fisk fielded the ball and

went to throw to second base to try to force Geronimo. But Fisk got tangled up with Armbrister,

causing him to throw wildly into center field.

In the 1975 World Series between the Red Sox and Reds, Cincinnati's Ed Armbrister laid down

a sacrifice bunt in a tie game with a runner on first in the bottom of the 10th inning. But as Sox

catcher Carlton Fisk attempted to make a play on the ball and throw to second to get the lead runner,

Armbrister lingered near home plate causing a collision with Fisk and forcing an errant throw

into center field. Home plate umpire Larry Barnett refused to call interference on Armbrister, despite

the seemingly obvious attempt to block Fisk from making the play. The non-call eventually helped

the Reds score the winning run. They took a 2-1 lead in the Series, which they won in seven games.

All season long, the little-used Bahamian drew chortles from his

teammates when he said he would play a big role in the Reds' success.

"I'm the key man, he told them. He certainly got his

15 minutes of fame - and then some. By John Erardi The Cincinnati Enquirer)

Edison .Rosanda Armbrister

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