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Jasrado Jazz Chisholm
Preserving the Rich History of Baseball in the Bahamas
Jazz’s Minor & Major League Stats Jazz’s Minor & Major League Stats
Jazz Chisholm the first Bahamian to MLB with the Marlins
The Kid was boRn to play in the Major Leagues
The First MLB from the Islands of the Bahamas since Antoan Richardson
Jasrado Jazz Chisholm Jr. Miami Marlins
Chisholm has more power than most shortstops because he has explosive bat speed and natural loft in his left-handed swing. Rather than let home runs come naturally, he employs an overly aggressive approach that depresses his batting average and leads to a ton of strikeouts. He was more pull-happy in 2019 than he had been in the past, though a career-high 11 percent walk rate offers some hope than he can adopt a more disciplined plan at the plate. It was a baseball delight to watch Jazz playing for the Miami Marlin major league team especially those two home runs. Plus the web gems at short stop and second base which made ESPN’s top 10 players. Topping it of with double in the playoff that was inches away from another home run. We are looking forward to watching you play many more games at the MLB Level.
Jazz Chisholm jorney to the Major Leagues
Jazz Chisholm's journey to the Major Leagues started with his international baseball signing in 2015. The following year, he began his march year by year to the big leagues jumping for double-A to baseball's major leagues in 5 years. 2015 saw Jazz signing with the Arizona Diamond Backs. His ability to move through the DBacks system was quick, but for a season-ending injury 1n, 2017 in single-Aand starting the 2018 season on the D/L that season saw Jazz’s power and his relentless assault on the baseball saw him moving to advance-A, where he continued display power. 2019 saw Jazz moving to double-A and then traded to the Miami Marlins, later being added to the teams 40 man roster. After the 2020 spring training, the world was hit by the Corona Covid-19 Pandemic, and the sporting world was shut down. After a few months, MLB decided to play a 60 games season resulting in Jasrado Jazz Chisholm getting the call up to the Majors on September 1st, 2020, to the delight of the whole nation of the Bahamas.
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