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Lucius Fox Jr
Preserving the Rich History of Baseball in the Bahamas
Lucius Minor & Major League Stats Lucius Minor & Major League Stats
After one day in the MLB with the Royals in 2021, Lucius made the Nationals 2022 opening day .
Lucius Fox Jr. Washington Nationals
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On a mission to follow his child friend & teammate Jazz Jr
The Journey to the big league for Lucius took through four MLB organizations; The Giants, The Rays, The Royal, and finally The Nationals. Lue display lots of baseball excitement in most of the game he played in. From flashing the leather at short stop, to his speed on the bases. A game of interest against his friend and fellow Bahamian Jazz Chisholm Jr and the Miami Marlins at the …… Nationals Stadium in Washington. All eyes were on them. That game was for the history books in our era.A web gem in his first game at short shop to getting his two hits against the Giants, and another Bahamian coaching at first base for for the San Francisco Giants.